Turning an Internship into a Career

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Keith Kakadia

Greg McCarthy took one of the first college-level social media classes offered back in 2013 and from there his career took flight. Listen to Greg discuss how he turned an internship into an opportunity that set his career on the path he is on today. 

Seriously Social PODCAST: Greg McCarthy
Seriously Social PODCAST: Greg McCarthy

Podcast Timestamp

0:00: Opening Comments

0:27: Introduction of podcast guest, Greg McCarthy

1:16: How Greg got into the social media space and eventually began working for CyberArk

7:32: What Greg’s first employer was looking out for when he first got into the social media space. “Never turn down an interview.”

10:04: Why Greg is an advocate for internships and how it can help up and coming social media experts

12:28: What a day looks like in Greg’s life as a social media expert for CyberArk

15:08: How CyberArk works to activate their brand to grow its social media presence

15:42: What CyberArk does for their customers as an IT company

16:45: The high-level goals that Greg and his team look at when measuring success

17:25: How CyberArk leverages their employees to get more eyes on their content

19:39: Greg’s top three platforms and where he spends the majority of his time

21:15: Closing comments

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