Even Non-Profits Need Profits: Utilizing Social Media Marketing for Donations

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Keith Kakadia

In this episode, Director Of Marketing and Communications at NTI, Mike Sanders, discusses the innovative ways NTI has developed an online presence. From influencer engagements with Portugal the Man and the cast of Breaking Bad to more traditional media like TV and radio, Mike has leveraged it all to get the word out about NTI. 

Seriously Social PODCAST: Mike Sanders – NTI
Seriously Social PODCAST: Mike Sanders – NTI

Podcast Timestamp

0:05: Opening comments

0:26: Introduction of podcast guest

1:09: What the non-profit NTI does and how it helps individuals with disabilities

1:38: Mike’s background in marketing and how it has given him the opportunity to work with NTI.

3:25: A glance at Mike’s day-to-day at NTI.

6:12: How marketing for NTI has changed over the last five years.

6:50: What marketing avenues NTI has explored outside of social media in an effort to expand its customer base and increase revenue.

8:05: How NTI has been able to leverage their position to help others during the pandemic.

8:50: An inside glance at the NTI collaboration with Breaking Bad.

9:53: The holistic approach to NTI’s social media goals and how they reach them.

12:03: How NTI measures their success on social media and how they use that information to improve their performance.

13:10: The tools that NTI utilizes for measuring their success.

13:58: A glance at NTI’s team structure following the first years of Mike handling the social media alone.

14:58: What the NTI team’s workday looked like prior to COVID and how they adjusted quickly and efficiently.

17:00: Tools and methods that NTI is utilizing to manage its marketing team remotely.

19:18: How NTI has utilized TikTok for their non-profit efforts.

21:15: Mike’s top three favorite platforms and where he spends most of his time as a social media marketing manager at NTI.

21:53: How Mike is utilizing Facebook groups and Facebook Rooms to stay connected.

23:09: Closing comments

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